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1980s Franklin Porcelain Collectible Mug - Fieling’s Saddle Soap”

1980s Franklin Porcelain Collectible Mug - Fieling’s Saddle Soap”

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Add some  Vintage nostalgia to your space with our 1985  Franklin Porcelain Collectible Mug featuring Fieling’s Saddle Soap. This retro gem showcases authentic advertising art from The Corner Store Series, capturing the essence of Americana cowboy culture and horseback riding adventures. Crafted from porcelain, this mug is a charming addition to any collection. Approximate dimensions: 4” high, 4” wide, 9.1 oz.

Franklin Porcelain, a renowned manufacturer of fine porcelain collectibles, gained prominence in the early 1970s for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Among its notable collections was "The Corner Store," a series of porcelain mugs capturing the nostalgia and charm of vintage Americana. Each mug featured intricate designs depicting scenes from old-fashioned storefronts, advertising signs, and small-town life, evoking a sense of whimsy and nostalgia. The collection became highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for its vibrant colors and timeless appeal, cementing Franklin Porcelain's legacy as a purveyor of cherished keepsakes that continue to be treasured by collectors worldwide.

**Please note that this item is vintage and may show signs of age and wear. Any imperfections are part of its charm and history.

**Although this item may have been crafted before lead regulations, it is sold for aesthetic purposes only and may not be safe for food or beverage consumption.

***Please note that any display props, including but not limited to flowers, books, stands , are for decorative purposes only and do not come with the item for sale unless otherwise stated in the product description.


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