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Charming Antique Easter Postcards in Vintage Wood Frames - Set of 3

Charming Antique Easter Postcards in Vintage Wood Frames - Set of 3

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Capture the nostalgia of early 1900’s Easter with this exquisite collection of antique postcards beautifully framed in vintage honey-colored wood. The first postcard, dated 1914, features a delightful scene of Happy Easter wishes amidst flowers, eggs, and cattails, adorned with delicate gold gilt accents. The second postcard portrays an enchanting anthropomorphic depiction of a rooster and mother hen engaged in conversation while surrounded by Easter-themed elements like eggs, a wooden spoon, and a basket, all intricately embossed. Lastly, a vintage 1910’s Tuck’s Easter postcard showcases a cute chick hatching amidst silver-faced flowers. Each frame measures 6” x 4” 1/2” and adds a touch of timeless elegance to your Easter decor.

***At our vintage shop, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of ephemera, including postcards, artist trading cards, stamps, advertisements, and more. Each item in our collection is carefully curated and inspected for authenticity, ensuring that you receive genuine pieces rich in history and charm. Please note that due to the nature of vintage and antique items, some wear and tear will be present, especially if it is in a frame, adding to their character and authenticity. . Our determination to put it in a frame is often based on it’s quality and finding a new home  and saving if from a landfill. Explore our wide range of themes and products and uncover unique treasures that tell stories of bygone eras.

***Please note that any display props, including but not limited to flowers, books, stands , are for decorative purposes only and do not come with the item for sale unless otherwise stated in the product description.





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