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Gordon Keith

Gordon Keith by Thomas Nelson Page - Antique 1903 Edition

Gordon Keith by Thomas Nelson Page - Antique 1903 Edition

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Step into a bygone era with "Gordon Keith" by Thomas Nelson Page, a captivating vintage novel that transports you to the world of 1903. This antique edition, with approximate dimensions of 5.5"x8"x1", weighs 1lb 9.9oz, making it a substantial literary artifact.

Thomas Nelson Page, a master storyteller of his time, weaves a tale of Gordon Keith, a character whose journey unfolds against the backdrop of the early 20th century. With 548 pages of rich narrative, this book is not just a novel; it's a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of a bygone era.

As you delve into the pages, you'll discover the charm of historical fiction, intricate character development, and the timeless allure of a well-crafted story. "Gordon Keith" is a literary gem, a collectors' item that beckons to those who appreciate the beauty of classic literature.

Whether you're a seasoned book collector or a lover of historical novels, this vintage edition promises a reading experience that transcends time. Add a touch of literary history to your collection with this rare and enchanting edition of "Gordon Keith."

"Gordon Keith" by Thomas Nelson Page Thomas Nelson Page is the author of short stories, novels, essays, and poetry, but Gordon Keith might be one of his most well-known works. The titular character was born the son of a gentleman. Wishing to prove himself as an  honorable man in his own right, he wished for a war. The book showcases life in the American south and gives an interesting look at a world that's long-since gone.

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