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The French Classical Romances

Pierre and Jean by Maupassant - Vintage 1901 French Classical Romances Collection

Pierre and Jean by Maupassant - Vintage 1901 French Classical Romances Collection

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Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of "Pierre and Jean" by Maupassant, a captivating piece from our vintage collection. As part of the French classical romances, this antique book, from the 1901 edition, carries the weight of history and romance. Translated from French, it unfolds a tale that spans 237 pages, each page a testament to Maupassant's literary brilliance. With approximate dimensions of 6"x8"x1" and a weight of 1lb 4 oz, this book is more than a story; it's a tangible piece of literary history, waiting to grace your collection.

"Pierre and Jean" is a masterpiece by Maupassant that weaves a narrative of family, jealousy, and the complexities of human relationships. Set against the backdrop of the French classical romances, this 1901 edition transports readers to a world of subtle emotions and moral dilemmas. The translation from French preserves the author's nuanced prose, making each of the 237 pages a journey into the heart of a bygone era. As you turn the pages, you'll be captivated by the depth of characters and the intricacies of a plot that stands the test of time.

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