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Readers Digest

Vintage 1977 The Story of The Great American West, Readers Digest

Vintage 1977 The Story of The Great American West, Readers Digest

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If you’re an Artist or a hobbyist this is a perfect collection for using in ephemera Art. 
This copy is a previous Library copy. Travel back in time to the Great American West with this captivating 364-page book by Reader’s Digest, published in June 1981. Experience the epic journey of pioneers as they bravely ventured across plains and mountains, shaping the landscape of the West. Packed with hundreds of visual aids, detailed maps, and insightful cutaway paintings revealing the inner workings of the era. This hardcover book, 1977, offers a comprehensive exploration of America’s frontier history.Recounts the settlement of the West from the first pioneers who crossed the Appalachians to the eventual disappearance of the frontier. 

Approximately 12”x 10”  3 lb 7.6 oz

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