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Circa 1930 Vintage Homer Laughlin Yellowstone Style Floral Motif Serving Dish with Textured Ridge Edge

Circa 1930 Vintage Homer Laughlin Yellowstone Style Floral Motif Serving Dish with Textured Ridge Edge

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This is for a beautiful circa 1930 vintage serving dish featuring a vibrant floral motif in the Homer Laughlin Yellowstone style, accented with a textured ridge edge. Unsigned and exquisitely designed, this piece of tableware measures approximately 8”x11” and weighs 1 lb 4.6 oz. Perfect for collectors or those who appreciate the charm of vintage table settings, this versatile dish can be used for serving, decorating, or as a centerpiece. Add a touch of historical elegance to your home with this timeless piece.
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Wear Condition

***Please note that this item is preloved/ vintage & and may show signs of age and wear. Any imperfections are part of its charm and history. Please see accompanying pictures for more detail.

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*****Vintage china typically shows signs of age and wear that reflect its use and passage of time. Here are some common types of age-related wear you might find:

1. Crazing:

Fine, hairline cracks in the glaze that occur due to temperature changes or aging. They do not affect the integrity of the piece but can be noticeable.

2. Discoloration:

Staining or yellowing of the glaze, often due to prolonged use, exposure to certain foods or liquids, or improper storage.

3. Fading:

Colors or patterns may fade over time, especially if the piece has been frequently washed or exposed to sunlight.

4. Chips and Cracks:

Small chips or cracks can occur from handling, use, or accidents. These can be found on edges, rims, or bases.

5. Wear on Patterns:

Patterned or painted designs can show signs of wear, particularly on frequently touched areas like handles or rims. This can include fading, rubbing off, or slight smudging.

6. Glaze Wear:

The shiny finish on the surface may become dull or scratched from use, cleaning, or stacking.

7. Base Wear:

The bottom of the piece can show signs of wear, such as scratches, scuffing, or discoloration from being set down on various surfaces.

8. Utensil Marks:

Scratches or marks from utensils, often seen on plates or bowls where cutlery has been used repeatedly.

9. Maker’s Marks:

Over time, the stamps or maker’s marks on the bottom can become worn or faded, making them harder to read.

These signs of wear are typical and can add to the charm and authenticity of vintage china, reflecting its history and usage over the years.



Display Props

***Please note that any display props, including but not limited to flowers, books, stands , are for decorative purposes only and do not come with the item for sale unless otherwise stated in the product description


**Although this item may have been crafted before lead regulations, it is sold for aesthetic purposes only and may not be safe for food or beverage consumption

Decorative Use

***All products mentioned are intended for decorative purposes only and are not intended to be used as toys. Please keep out of reach of children and handle with care.

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