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Hazel Atlas

Vintage 1940s Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Spice Jar - Classic Kitchen Collectible

Vintage 1940s Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Spice Jar - Classic Kitchen Collectible

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Step back in time and infuse your kitchen with nostalgia using this Vintage 1940s Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Spice Jar. With its charming design and convenient dimensions, this piece serves as both a functional spice container and a classic collectible that harks back to a bygone era.
Product Details:

1940s Elegance: This milk glass spice jar is a true representation of the design sensibilities of the 1940s. Its pristine white surface and classic simplicity capture the essence of that era's kitchenware.

Convenient Size: Measuring approximately 2 inches in width, 2 inches in depth, and 3 inches in height, this spice jar is the perfect size to store and display your favorite spices or herbs.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, this vintage jar reflects the quality of Hazel Atlas's craftsmanship. Its milk glass construction ensures both durability and a timeless aesthetic.


Width: Approximately 2 inches
Depth: Approximately 2 inches
Height: Approximately 3 inches
Weight: Approximately 4.9 ounces
Functional and Decorative: Whether you use it to store spices, herbs, or simply as a decorative kitchen accent, this spice jar adds a touch of vintage elegance to any culinary setting.

Vintage Condition: This spice jar is an authentic vintage item from the 1940s, displaying the character and patina of its age. Any minor imperfections only enhance its authenticity and unique charm.

Collectible Treasure: A perfect addition to any vintage kitchenware or Hazel Atlas collector's collection, this spice jar is also an excellent gift for those who appreciate classic design.

Elevate your culinary space with this Vintage 1940s Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Spice Jar. Its classic design and versatile use make it an ideal choice for collectors and those seeking to add a touch of vintage elegance to their kitchen or anywhere in the house. Whether for personal use or as a cherished gift, this spice jar is a timeless gem. Celebrate the enduring appeal of vintage kitchenware and make your spices even more special.
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