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Will Rogetrs

Vintage 1977 Hardcover Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to His President by Will Rogers

Vintage 1977 Hardcover Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to His President by Will Rogers

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Explore the witty and insightful world of Will Rogers with ‘Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to His President.’ This vintage book offers a collection of letters written by Rogers, providing humorous yet astute commentary on politics, diplomacy, and society. Join Rogers on his unique journey through the corridors of power as he shares his perspective with the President. With sharp wit and wisdom, this book is a delightful read for anyone interested in history, politics, or the art of diplomacy.

Will Rogers was a beloved American humorist, actor, and social commentator, known for his quick wit, down-to-earth personality, and insightful commentary on American life and politics. Born in 1879 in Indian Territory, now part of Oklahoma, Rogers rose to fame with his vaudeville performances and later transitioned to radio, film, and newspaper columns. His folksy humor and astute observations endeared him to audiences across the country during the early 20th century. Rogers' legacy lives on as an iconic figure in American entertainment and satire, celebrated for his timeless wit and wisdom.

Will Rogers was a cowboy. In addition to his career as a humorist and entertainer, Rogers spent much of his early life working as a cowboy and ranch hand in Oklahoma. His experiences in the American West greatly influenced his perspective and provided material for his comedy routines and writings. While he became famous for his wit and humor, his cowboy roots remained an integral part of his identity.

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