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Vintage Shakespeare: The Complete Plays and Poems - Neilson & Hill 1942, Hardcover

Vintage Shakespeare: The Complete Plays and Poems - Neilson & Hill 1942, Hardcover

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Step into the world of the Bard with this vintage gem – "The Complete Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare." Published in 1942 by Neilson & Hill, this hardcover edition is a literary treasure in very good vintage condition. Whether you're a Shakespeare enthusiast or a collector of vintage books, this volume is a timeless addition to your library. Dive into the beauty of Shakespearean prose and poetry with this remarkable piece of literary history.

Unlock the magic of William Shakespeare's timeless works with this vintage 1942 edition of "The Complete Plays and Poems." Published by Neilson & Hill, this hardcover book is in very good vintage condition, making it a must-have for Shakespeare lovers and book collectors alike. Own a piece of literary history and enjoy the beauty of Shakespeare's writings for generations to come.

  • Title: The Complete Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare
  • Edition: Neilson & Hill, 1942
  • Condition: Very good vintage condition
  • Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 7"x10"x2"
  • Weight: 3lb 8.6oz
  • Pages 1420
  • A classic addition to your vintage book collection
  • A beautifully preserved vintage edition
  • A literary masterpiece in excellent condition
  • Ideal for Shakespeare enthusiasts and collectors
  • A timeless treasure for your home library


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