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Vintage Winthrop Wash Cowboy Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Vintage Winthrop Wash Cowboy Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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Add a touch of Western charm to your space with our Vintage Winthrop Wash Cowboy Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Crafted from white porcelain ceramic, these charming shakers feature a cowboy motif, perfect for adding a dash of personality to any Western decor. Each shaker is approximately 2” wide and 3” high, with a combined weight of 3.7 oz. Bring a piece of nostalgic Americana to your home with this vintage set. 

cowboys from Winthrop, Washington might have been involved in cattle drives, pack trains, and other activities associated with the Old West, 
Winthrop is a small town in Okanogan County, Washington. It's known for its Old West theme and saloons, and is home to the oldest legal saloon in the state

Winthrop was a gold rush town in the 1880s, but it didn't become an Old West theme town until 1972. The town's founder, Guy Waring, opened the Duck Brand Saloon in 1891 to discourage other saloons from opening. The saloon is named after a local meat cutter named Jack Lemma, who earned the nickname "three fingered Jack". The saloon has no chairs and closes at 9 PM. It survived a fire and is now Winthrop's Town Hall. 

**Please note that this item is vintage and may show signs of age and wear. Any imperfections are part of its charm and history.

**Although this item may have been crafted before lead regulations, it is sold for aesthetic purposes only and may not be safe for food or beverage consumption.

***Please note that any display props, including but not limited to flowers, books, stands , are for decorative purposes only and do not come with the item for sale unless otherwise stated in the product description.

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